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Freddie Mercury

The Mercury Pheonix Trust

The Mercury Phoenix Trust was founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor and their manager Jim Beach in memory of rock band Queen’s iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury who sadly died in 1991 from AIDS related pneumonia. In the last 21 years the Trust has given away over 15 million dollars in his name and funded over 700 projects in the global battle against HIV/AIDS.

As a tribute to the legendary Freddie I’ve created his likeness in amigurumi, capturing his essential awesomeness in yarn!


If you would like to make you very own Freddie you can get hold of the pattern for free by clicking the download button at the bottom of the page.

If you’ve enjoyed making Freddie please consider supporting the fantastic work of MPT by making a donation – just click the banner below.


Thank you so much for your generosity!

Even if you can’t afford to donate anything you are most welcome to download the pattern. Let’s spread the Freddie love all over the planet with the power of crochet!


Download Freddie Pattern by clicking the button below.


You’re very welcome to come on over to my Facebook Page and share your crocheted Freddie pictures. I would love to see how they turn out!

76 thoughts on “Freddie Mercury

  1. Would it be possible to buy one of these dolls from you? I am a rubbish knitter but know someone who would just love this! could make a donation to the foundation if possible? Please let me know, many thanks. Great work!

    • Hi Jen, I don’t currently have any for sale but I will consider making them in the future when I have a bit more time, so do keep an eye on my Facebook page. I will open an order book on there as soon as I can get organised.

  2. OK thanks for letting me know. I would definitely be interested when you are selling them 🙂

  3. Hi Jen, would you mind if I made a few for sale with all proceeds going to the Mercury Trust fund

  4. Thank you Jen!

  5. I’ve been happily crocheting away on this and wonder if there’s a mistake on the jacket colour? It says to use the White yarn, starting at the collar, which I did, but it didn’t change to Yellow until after row 13, which is the complete basic jacket shape. After that it says to switch to Yellow. Can you just clarify how many rows to do for the collar in White before switching to the Yellow, thanks.

    • Well spotted and thanks for letting me know! It should say start in yellow. In fact the whole jacket is made in yellow and the white collar is added afterwards in the instructions for ‘Collar Top’ on page 8. Sorry for the confusion. I hope that’s clearer now. I’m off to ammend the pattern!

  6. PS I’ve done a few of your lovely patterns and they’ve all turned out beautifully.

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  8. Hi I’ve been crocheting the Freddie doll and I’m a little bit stuck on the shoes. In rnd 1. After crocheting blo in next 4 ch, it says 6sc in nxt chain before rotating. I’m stuck to where this ch is ? Please help lovely design btw.

    • Hi! The chain with six sc in it is the last chain in the row (the first chain you made). So if you have seven chains in the foundation chain you skip the first ch (1st chain) make 3 sc in the next ch (2nd chain), then 1 sc in each of the next 4 ch (3rd,4th,5th and 6th chains). Now there should be one chain left at the end of your foundation chain (7th chain) and the 6 sc are all squeezed into there. Then rotate your work and sc in the other side of the chain back to where you began round 1. Does that make more sense? Let me know if you’re still not sure.

  9. Oh right. Get it now. I dunno I must just of got crocheters block. It so makes sense now. Thankyou 😁

  10. hello, you can make a translation into Italian and publish it on my blog quoting your site?

    • Hi Maria, I prefer to keep the patterns on my blog only so that people will come and visit my site to get their copy. I would be very happy to publish your translation on my blog though and then you could put a link back to me to download it. I could even make sure your blog address is on the front of the Italian language pattern along with your name as the official translator. Let me know if you are interested in that.

  11. *wipes eyes* I’m not crying! it’s just… okay maybe I am… LOVED(and still do love) Queen’s music… Introduced to it Via Revenge of the Nerds, fell in love with we are the champions, and We will rock you… but i have to say this… “Wayne, i believe it’s time for a little Bohemian…” *cues up Bohemian rhapsody on her Ipod* yeah…. excuse me while i go re-live my childhood

  12. Hello, I LOVED making your Freddie (he really is fabulous), so much so that I used your pattern as a base to make a Brian May toy too! I thought you might like to take a look, the details are on my ravelry page
    thanks so much for this pattern, brilliant stuff!

    • I LOVE him! You’ve made an excellent job of the adaptation and the guitar rocks! Whenever I get requests for a Brian May doll pattern I’ll send them over to your Ravelry page to see your added notes 🙂 Thanks for letting me know!

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  14. Hi! I don’t know how to do the nose. Could you please help me with that?

  15. Hi Lynne, Glad you like my version of Freddie. How wonderful to have been there in person. You are very lucky! I don’y have any actual dolls for sale, I’m sorry to say. I really just concentrate on making new patterns. I hope you manage to find someone who can make you one. If I hear of anyone taking on commissions I’ll be sure to let you know.

  16. It was absolutely great and I was lucky enough to have been at Live Aid the previous year which is why I had to see Queen again! Thanks very much for the reply. I will keep my eye out for a knitting genius!

  17. That last comment was from me again – I forgot to add my name!

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  19. Hi i have tried to down load feddie mercury but it wont down load plzzz help x

  20. i would just love to have this pattern plz ,my hubby been going thought so much i think it would help a little

    • Hi Christine,
      You should be able to access the pattern directly from the Freddie Mercury page by clicking on the download button. In case this is not working for you I have also emailed you a copy. I hope it has the effect of helping husband through a difficult time and I wish you well for all that you are going through x

  21. I had a question about the legs, are there supposed to be 17 or 18 rounds total, or is there a typo on leg one? It states rnd 2-18 and then the next line is rnd 17. I was just wanting some clarification, thank you!

    • Hi Marina,
      Yes there is a typo on the legs. There are 18 rounds in total. I actually was quite sure I had updated that a while ago but something must have gone wrong with the latest upload. I have sent an updated copy to your email address. You can also now download the amended version directly from the Freddie page too. Thanks for pointing this out. I hope you enjoy crocheting the rest of him!

  22. Amazing thanks for the pattern.

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  24. Thank you for this pattern! Freddy Mercury ❤

  25. Hi!First of all thank you for this wonderful pattern! I just don’t understand one thing about the legs… on first round i have 15 stitches, including 3 chains, but from second round they should be 16 stitches. How? Maybe I skipped something?

  26. To Whom It May Concern: I love Freddy so much please could you e-mail me a copy of the up to date crochet pattern please. That’s if you don’t mind many, many thanks. Cheryl

  27. Just want to say a big big thank you for making this pattern available.

    I made for my daughter with pipe cleaners inside to make him posable.

    It was so much fun to make.

    • You’re welcome! I hope your daughter was thrilled with her crochet Freddie. The link to your Facebook is not working so I can’t see him. Do you have another link I could try?

  28. Yesterday, I hung my poster today….. today I begin. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. I have a few friends who are going to love this.

  29. Is there any way you would consider making patterns of the other three members of the band? My Freddie needs a Roger to party with, a Brian to fight with and a John to support and encourage. I gave him a cat but if you give Freddie a cat he just wants more. He needs a distraction and creative outlet lol

    • It is something I would like to get around to one day. It would be nice to have the full set I agree. Oh and one cat is never enough lol!

  30. I can’t get the link to download😟

  31. I can’t get this to download, is there any chance that you could email me a copy of the pattern? I’ll make a donation@

  32. I can’t seem to download this pattern

    • Hi I’d love to make this but I can’t download the pattern 🙁 is there any way you could email it to me please? Thank you so much

      • Hi Cheryl, I’ve sent a copy to your email. I hope you enjoy hooking up your Freddie!

  33. I absolutely adore this freddie mercury, however I can’t get it to download, could I purchase the pattern?

    • No need to purchase one Gemma, I have just sent you a free copy to your email address. I hope you have fun making him!

  34. I did this and my 15 year old son, who is an absolute fan of Freddy, loved it so much!

  35. I love this pattern! I am a bit stuck on the legs,
    Rnd 1Sc in each of next 12 st, 3 ch, skip next 12 st. (15 sts including 3 ch)(fig.2)
    Continue crocheting in these 15 sts only, crocheting in the back loops only of the 3 ch:
    Rnds 2-17 Sc in each st around. (16 rounds)

    Am I supposed to crochet 12 st normal and then back loop only for the other 3, for the entire leg? Or is it just for the 2nd round?

    • Hi Sofia, yes, you should crochet only in the back loops of the three chain from round 1. All other stitches for the leg are crocheted in both loops as normal. I hope your freddie turns out well now!

  36. Hi. I love this pattern. Making it for Christmas for my dad! I’m super confused though. The shoulders don’t seem to be included in the pattern. It changes straight into white from the neck. So the body would be the same size as the neck?

    • Hi Megan, the neck has 12 sts in it at rounds 21-24. This enlarges to 24 sts over rounds 25-26. The shoulders are created by the tops of the arms when they are sewn to the body. I hope that is all a little clearer now!

  37. HI – would it be okay to include this post in a crochet roundup I’m doing for a client ( with a link bakc to you? Thanks, Louisa

  38. Hello. First of all thanks for sharing Freddie’s pattern, my 10 year old niece loves him and her mom asked me to do it for her but I’m stuck on the jacket.
    You may not read this because the pattern is from years ago but I’ll try my luck.
    I don’t understand how to weave the straps. I do not understand if they are loose, starting with chain 10 and then returning with single crochet or where I should insert the needle to knit the single crochets back and forth.
    Apologies for my English but I have used the translator. Hugs.

  39. I also can not download the Freddy pattern please can you help as I so much want to make him Thank-you

  40. WOW- I am trying to download a pattern and for some reason having trouble. Anyway I thank you for all you have done and offering it for free. You are an AMAZING designer!

  41. Hi. First, I’d like to say thank you 🙏 for the free pattern of Freddie. That is very generous – sharing your talent. 🫶 Your designs are brilliant! My oldest daughter is a big fan of Queen and I’m hoping to complete Freddie for her birthday in May.

    I had no problem accessing the Freddie pattern on my iPad. I could not save it to my “Books” where I keep my pdf files, so i just bookmarked the pattern. It’s very easy to scroll through or to pick the page you need.

    However, I started with the microphone and discovered an error … or redundant addition.☹️

    Under “Grip”, the last line says “Leave the yarn tail attached at the end for the lead.” But then, under “Pole”, the 4th sentence says “Take a third length of Gray yarn and sew to the end of the microphone for the lead.” Why would this be necessary if the first yarn tail is already at the end of the microphone?

    I love this pattern, so I’m hoping there are no other errors in the Freddie portion of the pattern. 🤔

  42. I went to the bottom of the page and there is no download button for the Freddy Mercury how do I get the pattern.

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