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Nesting Rainbow Owls

Here’s a set of wide-eyed Rainbow Owls and a mossy nest for them to snuggle up in. Of course you don’t have to stick with the rainbow theme. These little guys would look good in any color combinations. The owls and the leaves that decorate the nest are made with light worsted weight/DK yarn (worsted weight would work just as well) while the nest itself is crocheted up in lightening fast time with super bulky yarn. I like the contrast between the two different weights of yarn. The heavy yarn looks kind of like bark so the nest really did end up looking  like it was straight out of the forest. I think you’ll agree this family of owls look very comfy in there!






I’ve nicknamed the green owl Kevin as he definitely enjoys being home alone!

nest owl


Have fun with these patterns but please don’t re-publish them in any way. I am happy for you to make and sell the finished articles from both my free and paid for patterns. A credit for Moji-Moji Design as the pattern creator would make me very happy and a link to my blog or my Etsy shop (listed in the sidebar >) would be the icing on the cake! In order to keep the handmade love going please note that wholesale manufacturing of items from my patterns is not permitted. Thank you🙂

265 thoughts on “Nesting Rainbow Owls

  1. merci c’est adorable

  2. Thank you! This is perfect! My DIL is expecting my first grandchild this fall — she loves owls and wants to decorate the nursery in owls. This is the cutest thing I’ve found so far! (And will look great with the Owl Obsession blanket I am currently making for her!)

  3. how do I get pattern??love crocheting and I would like do owl and hedgehog for my children.thank you

    • Hi Anna, the pattern for the Owls is available by clicking the green’download button. If you have a problem accessing it just let me know and I will email you a copy. The hedgehog pattern is for sale in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. If you visit my shops page -accessed in the menu at the top right of my blog page – it will take you to whichever store you prefer to use🙂

  4. Question: I am starting the head and body. The pattern states to ch 13, sc in second ch, how does this work when crocheting in a spiral? Dumb question I bet, but I’m kinda new at this. Thank you

    • It may look a little confusing on the first round. As you will be crocheting down one side of the chain first and then rotating the work and crocheting down the opposite side of the chain you will end up back where you started. Then you just keep crocheting, going round and round until the end of the pattern. What you end up with is a spiral structure with a flat seam at the top. I hope that makes sense!

  5. Hi, I’m a Danish girl who would like to make your owls, but I so much miss a Danish translation. Do you know if there is someone anywhere? Kind regards Bente Askham.

  6. merci, c’est un très joli modèle.

  7. Wondering if you can do a video on how to make the owls in Nesting Rainbow Owls?

  8. thank s a lot for this beautifull pattern

  9. Thanks for the lovely patterns, I am trying the owls at the moment 😊

  10. Have emailed you a copy, happy crocheting!

  11. I love your pattern!! I was hoping to get your permission to sell these for my fundraiser. I am walking in Avon 39: The Walk to End Breast Cancer this summer and I am trying to raise $1,800 for the cause. Please let me know. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Crystal, yes you are very welcome to sell the owls, or anything else made from my patterns. I give full permission for either charity or personal sales as I think that’s only fair when you have put all the time in to make the finished product. Good luck with your fundraising for such a great cause!

  12. Hello – your patterns are so cute – I wonder could you email me the English Version for the Owls as the download wont work for me either. Thank you so much. Helen

  13. I love this…..This is SO adorable! Thank you for the great pattern.

  14. Merci beaucoup pour ce modèle

  15. It worked the second time I tried, the first time I tried it didn’t work!

    • Glad to hear that it’s sorted. Occasionally there is a problem, I’ve got no idea why! If it happens again with the other free patterns I’m always happy to email you a copy, just let me know.

  16. I made one and he’s very cute. Can’t post a photo here.😦

  17. Hola como esta! me encanta sus BUHOS ,me gustaria tener el patron en espaniol! gracias

  18. Goodday – could you please email me the pattern for the Nesting Rainbow Owls in English? They are adorable! Thanks for sharing you pattern.

  19. What a lovely pattern of these cute little guys! I have been able to download the English version after a second try. Thanks a lot for sharing your pattern.

  20. thank you – i made one of the owlets, adding loop stichtches to his hair and wings, he looks damn cute. I will try and post it to fb

  21. Little Kevin owl has stolen my heart!

  22. ok I finely figured it out and got it to download lol my bad ty so very much! loving the pattern🙂

  23. This is too adorable!! We have an owl theme for my Sunday School 1st grade class and are going to use this for the kids to “earn” class rewards. When the nest is full, we celebrate! 😀

  24. These are the cutest things I’ve seen in awhile. The matching rainbow eyes are fabulous. Thank you for sharing such an adorable pattern. I plan on using it for a coworker’s baby shower……she’s decorating the nursery in owls!!!

  25. If using worsted weight yarn what size hook would I use? Thanks

  26. Hi I’ve just finished my first owl and I love him! Thanks for the fab design and letting us use your pattern. Can I just ask how do you deal with changing colours? I merged a new colour in and then cut off the old colour so had to see in the ends – is there an easier way so not so many ends to sew in? I am fairly new to crochet so any advise very welcome! Thanks

    • Hi Lisa, I just carry the yarn ends up the inside of the work without cutting them and begin crocheting with them again as needed. This works out fine for stripes of between 1 and three, maybe four rounds deep. Where the colour changes are further apart, cut the yarn but don’t bother darning it in. It’s good enough to just tie the adjacent yarn ends together with two to three nice tight knots. I do this for all my colour changes as the knots never show because they are always on the inside of the work.

      Also, a good tip for smoother colour changes that you may or may not be familiar with is to make the colour changes in the last two loops of the previous stitch and then make the first stitch of the new colour a slip stitch instead of a single crochet. As the slip stitch is a shorter stitch than the single crochet the step between the two colours is not as obvious. Make sure the slip stitch is not too tight though or it will be really difficult to crochet into in the next round. This method does not smooth the colour change completely but it does help its appearance considerably. I hope that all makes sense!

  27. Many thanks for your response I will try these techniques on my next owl!

  28. Hello !! To download the pattern, you must click on the print version and save it on your PC because I did it and it worked.

  29. no pude descargar el funciona..

  30. I finally got it to work once i got a box account. Email me and I’ll send it to you

  31. I tried to down load this pattern on the nesting rainbow owls and it’s not working. Can you email the pattern to me . Thank you very much Donna

  32. Beautiful pattern, but I can’t download it………………… in English .Would you please email me a I would really appreciate it ,Thanking you Julie

  33. The Rainbow Nesting Owls are enchanting my printer or computer is not allowing me to print the free pattern. Would you be able to send me a paper copy? Thank You.

    • Hi Kandie, I can’t send out paper copies of free patterns due to the cost that would incur, and the fact I don’t have a printer at home. I can email you a copy if that would help, perhaps that way your printer might accept it, or maybe you could ask around and see if a local friend could print one out for you as the pattern is accessible to the general public.

  34. Oh my your owls are the cutest! I have collected them for a long time and can’t wait to try to make one! Can you tell me your source for purchasing the colored eyes? Thank you so much!

  35. How cute! I crochet for sick kids at our children’s hospital. They are going to love them!

    However, I can’t get this pattern to download. Would you please email to Thank you.

  36. I would like to crochet these cute little owls. Could you let me no where I can buys the eyes. Having trouble finding them.

  37. Hi, sorry to bother you but the pattern wont download, not sure why….
    Could you possibly email it to me at
    Thanking you in hopeful advance xxxxxxxxx

  38. Hola. Muchas gracias por el patrón, pero me cuesta mucho seguirlo en catalán (y mira que lo siento). Como supongo que en euskera no lo tendrás, ¿lo tendrias en castellano, por favor? Me sabe muy mal pedirtelo, pero me estoy iniciando en esto del crochet y bastantes problemas tengo ya…
    Muchisimas gracias por adelantado

  39. Hi, love these owls! Can you email me a pattern as well?

  40. Hola son preciosos, adore el nido con sus hojitas y todos esos búhos. Podría mandarme a mi correo el patrón, Muchas gracias.

  41. Hi love your patterns have been trying to download the owl purse and nesting owl patterns can you email them to me please

  42. You really shouldn’t say the pattern is available as a “FREE DOWNLOAD” if it isn’t free.

    • I’ve no idea what you’re talking about Patti. My Nesting Rainbow Owls pattern is totally free and always has been. Thousands and thousands have been downloaded from this page by people across the world. Just click the button that says ‘download’. In the rare cases that clicking the download button doesn’t work I’m even happy to email a copy on request at no cost whatsoever.

  43. Sorry I must have been having a SENIORS moment, I have now printed pattern THANK YOU

  44. How do I get the pattern? There is one for Great Britain, but none for America?

    • Hi Patty, Just click on the British flagged ‘Download’ button version. The flag only denotes the language the pattern is available in and not the availability. The English language pattern is available globally, and you may be pleased to hear it is actually written using US crochet terms instead of UK terms as I prefer to use them, even though I am from the UK.

  45. El catalan no es el idioma que se habla en España, si eso se arreglase, sería genial porque los españoles, lo entenderíamos… Los buhos monísimos

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